Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Do you ever have days where you don't think you will ever have another creative thought?  Me too!  I stopped into Sweet Lavender, a wonderful quilt shop in Roy, Utah a few weeks ago, thinking I would buy some fabric.  But then, on the table, were some wonderful books.  I started to browse through them and thoughts of fabric disappeared.  I had to have these books.

The books are published by Quilt Mania with instructions in French and English.  They are filled with incredible images and wonderful ideas.  I was intrigued by the fish purse for April Fool's Day in France.  The use of ribbon and simple embroidery stitches sparked my creativity and I can't wait to try some new techniques.  This sounds crazy, since I don't speak French, but, I like to read the French directions too.

Back many years ago, when I attended school, we didn't learn the metric system here in the US.  Both of these books have instructions for seam allowances and cutting in centimeters.  Luckily, my phone has a calculator that will convert inches to centimeters to give me an idea of finished sizes.  You can purchase metric quilting  rulers which would take out the guess work.

If you're looking for inspiration or just a relaxing afternoon with a beautiful book, I recommend both.


  1. Here in the UK we are officially metric but us older folk still think in feet and inches (Imperial)! My friend who taught in France said that her students preferred working in inches because there was more scope for varied measurements. I design quilts in both. Sometimes I don't want a quilt to be too big but want to keep my design proportions so I choose metric over imperial and visa versa.

  2. They look awesome Kerrie, it's funny that we've been metric for many, many years but I still sew and quilt in inches..!!

  3. Hello Kerry,

    Those two new quilt books look fantastic. I especially like the Past and Present My Quilting Life.

    I have one of Yoko books I bought some time ago but it is all in Japanese called Woolworks. I would of loved it to be in English.

    Hugs Judy

  4. Im follower now in this blog
    kisses ♥


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