Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Bit of Stitching

 I started designing a table runner a few weeks ago, making good progress until I hit a glitch!  I made the mistake of going into my long-neglected sewing room and found that someone had been misbehaving.  Books were stacked on the cutting table, the sewing machine was barely visible under piles of wool, shipping boxes and baskets were on the floor, and the closet - well the closet can't even be described.

Who would do such a thing?  You guessed it - me.  I have a friend who is very tidy and refolds each piece of fabric after cutting then returns it to its proper place.  Oh, wouldn't that be nice?  I promise to be tidy but then, when I'm choosing fabric I just can't take the time to fold - I need to grab the next piece, or 10.  Even I have a limit so last week I cleaned up and am happy to report that everything is folded and color-coded.  Even the floor was vacuumed.

 I did sneak in a bit of time for stitching on my table runner.  I pleated a wide silk ribbon and appliqued it to my background, then secured the pleats with french knots.  The stem is raised stem stitch using a silk/linen blend.
  French knots stitched with silk ribbon make beautiful seeds in the large velvet flower center.  The petals are embellished with 2 rows of bullions using silk pearl thread.  
I woke up one morning knowing that I had dreamed of what to stitch on these leaves - but I couldn't remember the dream.  I joined my husband and our dogs for a walk and the cold morning air must have jiggled my brain, because I suddenly remembered.  Double feather stitch with lazy daisy stitches and french knots.  I added a palestrina stitch around each leaf.

There's more stitches to add and I'm hoping to finish before too much longer.  


  1. I'm lucky if I can climb back out of my craft room, actually - piles of boxes of wire and glass and beads, mounds of fabric and yarn, scattered paints and blocks of clay = yes. I understand. And your work is just delightful.

  2. Oh Kerry, so lovely, your stitching is beautiful.

  3. I like so much!!! congrats
    kisses for you ♥

  4. Kerry just found you through Joanna who is one of my best girlfriends, of Appliqué Today. Your work reminds me of my own and Joanna's and Sue Spargo's. I love the embellishments on those wool appliqués. Fills my heart with song, your amazing stitch work. I will be a follower.

  5. I love your work, they're original.
    A rug.


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