Friday, November 11, 2011

Blasphemy! I Don't Have a Stash

You heard me right - no stash.  I used to be a fabric junkie, buying fabric, books, and kits, certain that I would make beautiful quilts "someday".  Eventually I realized that nobody lives that long and I started feeling pressure to use the fabric that I had bought.  I know, I'm a bit odd, but I feel like if I bought it I had to use it, and if I didn't then I couldn't buy more. 

My first step to recovery was:  No more shopping until I had used up what I had.  For the next few years I only bought fabric if it was absolutely necessary to finish a project.  After piecing or appliqueing a quilt I sewed matching pieces together for the backs just to use up more.  Some of my fabric was used in four or five quilts and it was making me crazy and bored.  I was good for quite a while but just couldn't use that fabric anymore.

Step 2:  Join with some friends to have a fabric yard sale.  What great fun and we sold a lot of fabric, kits, books, and even some quilts.  Then I gave the rest away.

Step 3:  A promise not to buy fabric I wasn't ready to stitch.  It is almost impossible not to acquire additional fabric.  It seems that there is always some "leftover".

The exception to all the rules:  I can't give away my wool and there are several cottons that I've been hoarding because I love them.

Last week while cleaning my sewing room I gave away a few more boxes of fabric to a friend who is just learning to quilt.  I'm happy and she is thrilled.  What's left?  A few bins of wool, my bags of little wool scraps, one bin of Kaffe, and the 2 cottons that I'm hoarding.  So to be honest, I don't have a stash like some of my friends, just a tiny one.

I don't feel guilty, my room is clean, and I'm ready to stitch.


  1. My space is NOT orderly, I feel no guilt - and it takes more than one horse to make a race. YAY!

  2. That's brilliant and inspiring - dare I do it for my New Year's goal??? Hmmm you've definitely got me thinking!! BTW I blogged about my prize last night and gave you lots of shout outs - I really really LOVE the threads - thank you SO much!!

  3. Great! I try not to buy anything (except food) since november 2008 and it works very well. The loft, full of wool and fabric is kind of a shop to me. It is a sport to only use the fabric I have. You are right, sometimes it is boring, but about twice a year I give miselfe (a little) present, some wool or fabric. And of course every now and then you need some batting etc. As we say: exception confirm the rule... How do you feel now? I feel fine.


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