Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Classes at The Gathering Place

Last Thursday my friend, Teri, and I drove to Rupert, Idaho where I was scheduled to teach 2 classes and give a trunk show.  It's getting to be winter in our area and we were anxious to beat the snowstorm that was headed our way.  We stopped at Sweet Lavender on our way and I found some unique fabrics that will be perfect for some Christmas gift projects.  It was a beautiful trip watching the storm clouds gather and the colors change.  Luckily, we made it to Rupert before the storm.

Rupert is a small rural community with a HUGE quilt store - The Gathering Place, located right on the historic town square.  If you want it - they've got it.  Joyce and her helpers welcomed us to the store and directed us to our room across the street.  We stayed at the Drift Inn which is on the second floor in the old First National Bank building.  We had a beautiful room with quilts on the bed.  Even though we were on the town square, there is no traffic at night, so we were able to open our window a bit for some comfortable night air.  In the morning it was snowing.  Each day we had breakfast at Cathy's Diner where they serve meals that will satisfy a hungry lumberjack.  We were immediately pegged as out-of-towners and everyone took a good look at us as we walked to our table.

On Friday I taught the City Bucket and Country Bucket to a fun group.  Most of them were new to wool applique and embellishment and we had a good time.  In fact, I was so busy having fun I forgot to take photos!

Saturday morning we started right in on Acorn's Promise, selecting and sewing strips.
This class keeps everyone busy to create one block, but once the first block is finished the remainder are easy.  Here we have the first block finished modeled by its beautiful creator.
Luckily, the snowstorm had left town by the time we finished our class giving us an uneventful trip home.  If your travels take you along I-84 in southern Idaho, be sure to stop at The Gathering Place - you won't be disappointed. 

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