Monday, December 5, 2011

Crimson Tweed for Christmas

Yesterday we decorated our Christmas tree and hung up my Crimson Tweed quilt which is a perfect complement to our Christmas decorations.  We are quite traditional and decorate the mantle and piano with Santas my husband has carved, stockings, a tree skirt, table runners, and quilts that I stitched.  Many of the decorations on the tree were hand-made or were gifts from friends.  Decorating brings back the memories of when we made each decoration and of the times we spent with our friends.  Our home at Christmas looks the same each year but rather than finding it to be boring it is a comfort.  Our son will be home for the holidays this year and I think he will love walking in the door and finding it to be the Christmas he remembers.

Crimson Tweed was Sue Spargo's 2010 block of the month and her fantastic design was made even more perfect with amazing quilting by Cindy Paulson, of the Quilted Connection.  I asked Cindy to quilt a multitude of background designs and quilt more designs on the applique.  I was almost breathless when I saw her work.

When the Christmas decorations are put away I will miss my Crimson Tweed but will look forward to hanging it again next year.


  1. You are right, it's beautiful and the quilting even make it more beautiful!!!

  2. It looks beautiful, I hung mine last Friday too, very excited to be able to put it on the wall. The quilting on mine is much simpler and less because I hand quilted it, I'll do a blog post this week with photos too..

  3. bellissimo lavoro, allegro, pieno di colore!

  4. Her quilting really is wonderful. I love it when the quilting is full of surprises. And the quilt is stunning. I love Christmas traditions, too - and our children's lives are decorated with our consistent efforts as though each Christmas is a bead, strung on a shining string - always to decorate their own hearts and feeling of home.

  5. Adoro tus trabajos!!!muy muy lindos!!!! un saludo de Liliana


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