Monday, December 26, 2011

A Great Find

Last month my friend, Teri, went to Idaho with me for some classes.  She told me about a cute tote she was making for her iron, and I'm thinking "that's nice" with a sarcastic tone in my mind.  But then she showed it to me and I was so jealous I made her stop on our way to Idaho to buy fabric so I could make one.  OK, I made 6 because I bought great fabric and planned to give them as Christmas gifts.

Am I the only one that wonders how to travel home with a hot iron?  Can you say, "melted floor mat"?  The tote is lined with heat resistant fabric so you just put the hot iron inside and go.  The tote fits full-sized irons so you can have a "real" iron at class.  I like to take my Rowenta so there is plenty of weight and steam for those seams.  And, what's more (sound of drum roll), when unbuttoned, it is an ironing pad!  Wow, I'm still excited!

You've got to be curious by now so here they are:

Yes, that's just 5 but I made two of the gray/red poppies and you guessed it, I'm keeping the one with bees.

The tote takes about an hour to cut out and sew plus a bit more time to add the binding and buttons.  The instructions are easy to follow, just draw lines with a pencil and sew on them.  I used 505 spray to hold my layers together and just pinned the corners.  This photo doesn't show the sewn lines very well because I my local store only had pre-quilted heat resistant fabric.

You want one, don't you?  I have the patterns available on my Etsy Shop and the non-quilted heat resistant fabric is included so you don't have to find it at the fabric/craft store.  After all the holiday preparations you just took care of you deserve to make something for yourself.  And remember, it's not too early to get started on next year's gifts.

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