Sunday, December 18, 2011

Needles & Friends Quilt Guild

Last week I was fortunate to attend the Christmas Brunch of Needles & Friends Quilt Guild in Logan, UT.  When Debi Booth and Lisa Garlick asked me if I would attend their guild's Christmas party and give a trunk show, it was early spring.  I can't believe how quickly that time passed!  Logan is about 100 miles from my house, and includes travel over the mountains.  Of course, that was the only day it has snowed in over a month!  Driving in the snow scares me to death but I took deep breaths and started out early in the morning.  Two hundred miles round trip in snow, fog, and even a few brief glimpses of sun.

I was very impressed with this group of friends that enjoy a common passion.  There were almost 90 women in attendance and each received an appliqued needle keeper.  We enjoyed a yummy brunch and then members showed both finished projects and some still in the works.  This group is very active including a musical fabric exchange - similar to the game musical chairs, a round-robin quilt, mystery quilts, wool projects and classes.  There are some very talented quilters in this group and after seeing all their beautiful projects it was a bit daunting to stand in front of them and show my quilts.

I was welcomed warmly by the group and enjoyed meeting new quilting friends.  I'm looking forward to joining them again in February when I will teach my Blossom Sewing Tuck.

On my way home I made a stop at Shepherd's Bush to buy a few gifts and enjoyed visiting with Teri and her staff. Back in the car and just down the road to Sweet Lavender where I found the most wonderful Japanese fabrics.  I try so hard to stick to my rule of only buying for a specific project, and failed miserably when I saw the Lecian bolts and some silk.  Oh well, I've forgiven myself already and will use the fabric sometime.

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