Thursday, December 22, 2011

Restless Hands Syndrome

I've never understood how anyone can be bored.  With Christmas and all the fun projects I find, who could get bored?  I just wish I didn't need to sleep.  This little bag is a Christmas gift for my friend, Teri.  Don't worry, the surprise isn't ruined, I already gave it to her.

I used Sue Spargo's Tulip Sack pattern and instead of tulips, mine has hollyhocks.  The bag is about 10" high and 12" wide with a square bottom and a cute Kaffe lining.  I quickly cut out the circles by first cutting a square and rounding off the corners and made a  freezer-paper template for the leaves.  The applique was completed very quickly, including the rick-rack to cover the bottom of the stems and seam.

Oh, I love to embellish!  I used size 5 silk pearl thread for all the stitches.  Bullions around every flower plus double cast-on and a drizzle in the pink flowers, back stitch in the burgundy, and french-knots on the peach.  I used a fly stitch on the leaves.  Sue's instructions make adding a zipper very easy and I tied on a small roving ball for a zipper pull.

I also made a few projects I can't show until after they have been delivered.  But let me tell you, they are cute and practical.  Check back  in a few days to see them.

Tonight I hope to finish adding bullion knots to the border of the Imperial Blooms block-of-the-month.  And, just to make certain I don't get "bored", here's a sneak preview of my new pattern, "Gather".  I'm still working on the pattern and will post some close-up photos in a few days.


  1. LOVE the giant rick rack you used!

  2. Love that last project! Nicely done. Yummy textures and colors. I wanna touch it.


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