Friday, March 2, 2012

Needles and Friends

We have had a very mild winter here - so of course, it snowed Monday evening, just in time for me to make the trip to Logan, Utah, for my class with Needles and Friends Quilt Guild.  Logan is about 2 hours from my home and luckily, my full-time assistant (husband), was willing to be my driver.  There was snow, wind, and a bit of ice over the mountain summit, but we arrived safely.  Coincidentally, the last time I drove in snow was also to attend a Needles and Friends event.

Class was well attended with 25 students working on my Blossom Sewing Tuck.  I had a great time and once again, got so involved with the stitching that I forgot to take photos.  Take my word for it, this is a great group of stitchers and they make me feel right at home.  We had a tasty lunch delivered and just kept right on working between bites.

I love to use  Genziana 50% wool/50% acrylic threads for all my wool applique.  The colors and textures hide perfectly in the wool, letting my embellishment stitches be the stars.  Of course, it is quite expensive to accumulate a good palette of colors and the spools take up a lot of space in your sewing kit (which I hope is a City or Country Bucket).  I was excited to preview a new product at class that I've been working on with a friend.  We are offering a case of 32 bobbins, each bobbin holding approximately 10 yards of the Genziana threads in an amazing range of colors,  including black and white.  The bobbin case is convenient to carry and will provide a matching thread for almost every project (colors will vary slightly from those shown above).  And,...... drum roll....... when you empty a bobbin, you can easily reorder, as each bobbin is marked with a special number.  We had such a good response at class that we are temporarily back-ordered but I am hoping we can give full details here and on my Etsy site next week.

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  1. Thank you for such a wonderful class, Kerry! We all loved our time with you. I posted some photos on my blog that we will link from the Needles and Friends site. Have a sweet day!



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