Friday, March 9, 2012

Potty Talk - a quilt story

A few weeks ago I presented a trunk show at the Winter Quilt Retreat, sharing my creative journey in quilting.  There were a few laughs at my early quilts and I enjoyed showing how my skills and preferences have changed over the many years.  I started the show with my very first project, a tricot (believe it or not) baby quilt I made for my son who is now 37!

Arriving home, it was time to hang some quilts on the walls and switch them around a bit.  I hung my bright Acorn's Promise in the hallway - just opposite my bathroom.  So here's my secret:  when I'm home alone, I leave the bathroom door open so I can admire my quilt while I'm "taking my little break".  It makes the experience so much more enjoyable.


  1. A beautiful quilt, I love tours trees

  2. Beeyouteefull!!! I like the bright coulours and the intriguing pattern. What is the size of this quilt?

    1. Hi Lies, the Acorn's Promise wall hanging is about 68" x 68".

  3. I like your quilts. The application is not quit my choise (to make I mean), though I like the coulours..


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