Monday, April 2, 2012

Sick and Stitching

That's Sick And Stitching, not sick of stitching.  A few hours after teaching at Elaine's a few weeks ago, I started feeling that awful scratchy throat.  Believe me, I tried every home remedy and get well quick medicine to no avail.  Within a few days the virus was in full bloom and in full control.

Who wants to just sit around - even when you're sick.  I decided to keep stitching and I can tell you, it's not a good idea.  Everything looks ugly and I spent a lot of time unpicking.  My main stitching victim was Block 1 of Yoko Saito's new Mystery Quilt.

This photo is NOT my block.  Mine is still wadded up on the sewing table waiting for me to try that little dog.

I was invited to join a stitching group at Sweet Lavender that will be making this quilt.  I don't like making houses, because mine are always crooked, and I don't like mystery quilts because I like to know what I'm getting into.  But, I really wanted to be in the group!

We met last Saturday and I had a great time.  Block 1 is almost finished and I have my kit for Block 2 - more houses!

I'm still coughing and wheezing, and stitching, planning to finish that little dog today and cut out templates for Block 2.  It's wood carving night at our house tonight so I will be sequestered with the dogs for close to 4 hours keeping them from the carvers.  That means I have plenty of time to sew and watch Dancing With The Stars.

Before you ask, no, I didn't go to the Doctor.  Our health care system only allows me to pay ridiculously high monthly premiums, for a plan with a deductible that is so high it only covers catastrophic disease, leaving very little to pay an outrageous office visit - if you could actually get an appointment.  By the time the overworked Doctor, who works 3 days a week, has time to see me, I would be well. My Doctor did respond to my email and call in a prescription for cough syrup, which I finished drinking a few days ago.  My husband was a hospital administrator and retired after 35 years so we are told we are lucky that we have excellent healthcare coverage.  Reallly? There - that was ranting!

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  1. Us, too. We spend over one hundred times as much on premiums than we would if we just paid our darn bills. And we have a huge deductible and no prescription coverage. The only way to handle it is NOT to get sick.


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