Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My New Valdani Collection - Garden Party

I've been working with Valdani threads to create my own collection.  When you look at the 100's of beautiful Valdani colors, you will understand that it isn't easy to choose just 12.  I wanted to have a range of colors and include my favorites.  Of course, I needed colors for stitching a honeybee into each project too.

After hours of gazing at the computer screen and all the Valdani colors, I included colors I use most often, those in recent projects, and new projects you haven't seen yet. 

The Garden Party collection is available in my Etsy Shop where it is offered at a lower price than if you purchase individual colors.  Of course, if you want just 1 color, I carry a small inventory, so just contact me and I'll try to help you out.  I only carry size 8 because that's my favorite, but your local quilt shop can order the collection in size 8 or size 12 directly from Valdani.

The Valdani threads are colorfast, hand-dyed 100% cotton.  They are wonderful to work with and add that special touch to all types of embellishment.

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  1. Hi Kerry, why do not you add some wool to the Yoko Quiltmystery?????


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