Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Unfinished Projects

I've posted before that I don't have a stash because I get all stressed out thinking I need to do something with all that fabric.  Well, I also hate unfinished projects for the same reason!  I usually just work on one thing at a time, start to finish.  When I'm close to the finish I start my next project so I don't have "empty" time.

Unfortunately, I broke my own rules the past few months.  I bought fabric I didn't need and started multiple projects.  I'm frantic because there are new ones I want to start and will not allow myself until a few are finished.

I finished this notebook cover that was started a year ago.  Now, this is a simple project but when it was time to slip the notebook inside guess what - I made the cover too big!  Unpicked, cut and sewn back together - it's ready for my friend that is visiting this week.

This little zippered pouch was an easy project.  It is just the right size for pencils, rulers, threads, whatever.  I stitched a design to mimic the printed cotton fabric with the Portuguese knotted stem stitch for the stem, chain stitch leaves, and gathered ribbon flowers.  This one was sent off as a gift too.

We have 2 road trips scheduled in the coming weeks and I have my hexies (yes, I got in on that craze too) basted and ready to sew into blocks.  I bought a wall hanging kit a few months ago and that one will be finished in about an hour.  There is also my new wool project that just needs some finishing touches.

Don't be too proud of me....... did I mention the BOMS? 


  1. I wish I had your dedication to both goals. Especially love your horse notebook cover.

  2. I don't see enough horses in people's projects. So I'm very happy with that first one - a little Santa Fe-ish. Cool.


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