Monday, November 26, 2012

Door Buster Sale

Really, who has the energy to go shopping at midnight for a door buster sale?  I'm all tucked in under quilts, sound asleep at midnight. 

While you're busy getting everyone gifts, have you made your own list?  This year get something pretty without wondering if it will fit.  The Vera's Hollyhocks bag is pretty, fun to make, and holds threads, jewelry, or whatever else you would like.  It is about 10" tall x 12" wide with a nice square bottom and a zippered top.

Just drop the hint to order this in my Etsy Shop, or go ahead, order it yourself.  From now through December 15th I will include the pattern at no charge.

While everyone else is playing with their new toys on Christmas, you can stitch on a beautiful hollyhock garden.

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