Monday, November 5, 2012

I'm 6 years old today!

Today is scheduled to be busy.  I'm helping my husband out with some errands, want to finish a few yard projects (snow predicted for this weekend), make a treat for the carving club tonight, and get everything packed for my class tomorrow.  But first - get some exercise.  My husband and I try to get out every day for a walk in the neighborhood with our dogs, Mickey the springer spaniel and Juno the border collie.  I try to keep up for about 40 minutes and then hubby and the dogs take off for some "real" exercise.

While walking alone, I was magically 6 years old again, kicking my way through a pile of leaves, amazed at the variety of shapes and colors.  Then I came upon this oak leaf with "dots".

 Isn't this just perfect for applique?  My husband said the dots are probably poisonous spores but that's because he worked in a hospital. Me, I'm just thinking applique!

Tomorrow I'm going to teach my Take A Note pattern at the Beaver Quilt Guild.  Beaver is about a 3 hour drive from my house so I'm packing the car tonight for tomorrow's early start.

 Yesterday I made kits - don't they look yummy?
Speaking of yummy, time to frost the cupcakes for tonight's group.

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