Friday, November 23, 2012

Seasons of Home

 Several months ago I had an idea for a wool basket.  A square basket just called for depicting each of the four seasons on a side that is 6" high and 12" wide. Lambs running across a field of flowers with a blooming tree and spring showers announce Spring.

 The bright Summer sun shines down on "Home" with a dog chasing a rabbit in the front yard and fruit ripening on the tree.

 Autumn brings the falling leaves while an owl stands guard over a harvest of pumpkins.  Watch out for the spider hanging from his web!

A dusting of snow on the branches, snowflakes falling from the night sky and of course, a snowman and pine tree herald a winter scene.

Unlike my bucket patterns, this isn't a basket to carry a heavy load.  Rather, it's purpose is to be a beautiful accessory for your home.

I loved the process of designing the basket and the challenge of putting it together with a handle that stands up in a nice curve.  I'm working on a pattern that I hope to have finished soon, but considering this busy time of year, no date is promised.


  1. Kerry, Your seasons of basket is very lovely. Hugs Judy

  2. Judy, your stitching is so beautiful, this is a real compliment. Thank you! Kerry

  3. Sooo cute, Kerry! You do have such beautiful stitching and your eye for design is wonderful. I need to carry your patterns in my Studio/Shop. I'll have to give you a ring sometime :)

  4. Kerry - I remember when there was a time people were bothering you about leaning too much on another artist - I'm just laughing, remembering it. You are a strong designer, whimsical, great with color, full of energy - you have found your medium and really run with it. I envy you because you have this wonderful focus that lets you really expand in your imagination and your technique, instead of hopping from thing to thing the way I do. The basket is charming - all four sides of it, and this comment will have to do for all four of these entries you've made lately - the quilts in the newer one before this in the blog line-up are really aggressive, satisfying and engaging.

    Can't stick around because I have some set-up for publishing to do. But I've really enjoyed what you've had to show.

  5. Do you ever even get a chance to read these comments? Sometimes I wonder.

    1. I read, and appreciate every one. Sometimes when I blog I wonder if there is anyone out there. It's nice to know you are....

  6. YOu know, I feel the same way. ANd I feel the same way about comments, too. Sometimes I worry that I'm bothering the person with my blather. Your blog and the shots you share - like a lovely bedtime story every time. Except I end up getting charged up creatively (a little like the metal ball in a bill ball game) instead of sleeping better -


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