Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hand Made Gifts

I like to give hand made gifts to friends and family - when possible.  Sometimes it can be tricky; do you put in hours of work uncertain if the recipient will like the gift?  I do it anyway.  I enjoy both the making and the giving and that is enough for me.

One gift was my Flora Mini-Purse that can hold either a credit card (what else do you need?), or I like to put a small thread-snips, thimble and thread inside and add it to a project bag.  I just put together 20 kits for Flora that I will be taking to the Winter Quilt Retreat next week.

A wise owl on a notebook cover was a birthday gift last night.  My friend, Debra, made me a sketch-book cover last year with this owl.  I liked it so much I asked for her permission to resize it for the notebook.  I hope my friends were as happy as they seemed.  Of course, the Academy Awards for great acting is just around the corner......

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  1. Kerri Any time you want to make a hand made gift for someone I will be happy to accept it. These items are wonderful.


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