Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Two Hands

This has been a busy week, finishing up my Seasons of Home pattern, making kits and just taking care of the everyday tasks.  This morning it was time for a "spa" day - well, my version of it.  My spa day isn't the relaxing time with hushed voices and subtle music while someone massages my sore muscles and applies a masque guaranteed to make me look years younger.  No, mine included dying my eyebrows (secret:  Just For Men instead of going to the salon), even though I don't dye my hair, filing down my short nails, applying Bee Balm to my cuticles and slapping on a masque that will hopefully work some magic while I'm blogging.

While finishing up my mini-manicure, I saw something shocking - these were my Grandma's hands!

Where did those wrinkles and brown spots come from?  Why are my fingers so short?

But as quickly as I counted the short comings of my hands, I thought about all they have done.  Housework, cooking, gardening, laundry, washing dishes, changing diapers, combing hair, picking up messes, making thousands of stitches, waving to a friend, and holding the hand of a loved one.  Suddenly, these little wrinkled, spotted, stubby hands became a most cherished belonging. 

There won't be any rest for my good hands this week but I will appreciate them as I go through my many tasks.

An Irish Blessing:  "May you always have work for your hands to do."

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