Sunday, January 27, 2013

Seasons of Home Basket

At last - the Seasons of Home Basket pattern is finished and available for sale in my Etsy Shop.  I used a little bit different technique to layer the applique pieces to add depth and texture. 

I find that designing and sewing the project is the easiest part for me.  Writing up the pattern is real work!  I strive to write my patterns in a manner that is logical and clear, so you can follow each step without confusion.  If you were sitting next to me and I could just show you how to do each step, that would be easy.  Writing it down, now that's difficult and it has taken me longer than planned.

The Seasons of Home pattern includes close-up color photos of each season and the handle, full-size templates (no matching or taping), and a complete list of all the embellishment stitches and techniques. 

This is not a basket you sling over your arm to buy potatoes.  It's purpose is to be a lovely addition to your home, set in a place where you and your guests can admire it.  The Seasons of Home basket is a joy to stitch and admire.

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  1. Looks great. Funny - I'm a writer, and I still have trouble getting the words to line up properly - crazy, erratic things. If it's any comfort, writing patterns falls under the umbrella of technical writing, which—along with children's books (I'm serious) and poetry—is one of the most difficult of all kinds of writing.


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