Thursday, March 7, 2013

Do you live in Texas?

I know I promised some big news - and although this is news-worthy, it's not my big news - yet.

This weekend is the Dallas Quilt Show, and if you live anywhere in Texas, or within driving distance of Dallas, get over there.  This looks like a great opportunity to see beautiful quilts and do a bit of shopping at the many vendor booths.

Speaking of vendors.......... Check out Happiness is Quilting and see my trunk show, right there in the booth. 

How did I get to Happiness is Quilting?  For many years, Jill Green (no relation) lived in Utah (her parents live right around the corner) and we both went to Girl Gang at a local quilt shop.  Jill is a kind, talented quilter and I enjoyed seeing her many finished projects over the years.  We were all disappointed when Jill's husband was transferred to the Dallas area.  Jill didn't let the move get her down and started working at a local quilt store, you guessed it, Happiness is Quilting.  She shared my patterns with the store owner and teaches some of my projects.  So now you know how I got to Texas.

A few of the things I know: 1) it's a small world; 2) friends are friends even if they move and you miss them; 3) happiness is quilting.

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