Monday, March 4, 2013

Rabbit Class

Another gift to myself.  A class with Stephanie at Sweet Lavender, this time to make a bunny.
 Isn't she sweet?  Lift up her skirt and you see pantaloons and red buttoned shoes.  She is holding a tin of carrots stitched from wool with raffia tops.

My friends, Norma and Carrie, were also in class and we worked hard for 2 days.  Just getting those little arms and shoes stuffed just right takes quite a bit of time.  Next, painting her body with black paint, sanding and staining with coffee.  Just a one minute break and then it's time to get started making the clothes.

On Saturday we finished the clothes and added all the frilly details - buttons, bows, lace, etc. When I brought her home my husband said he likes her more than the bee doll, but I love them both.

I would never attempt making a doll by myself but Stephanie is a great teacher with the patience of a saint and all kinds of tips.  Fun project, fun with friends - a gift to myself.

p.s.  check back in a few days - I hope to have some exciting news.

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