Monday, April 29, 2013

Little Block Embellishment - Block 3 (and 4)

This block started out easy - my favorite stitches in my favorite thread.  I outlined both the pink cotton flower and purple wool center with Bullion Stitches using Silken Pearl #5 in Berry Spritz.  But what to do with the gold wool petals?

 Whenever a stitch doesn't come to me easily, I pull out my Right Handed Embroiderer's Companion or for you lefties, the Left Handed Embroiderer's Companion and browse for inspiration.  The Double Pekinese Stitch was the answer.  Double Pekinese may look complicated but is actually quite easy.  I began with Back Stitch slightly inside the gold wool petal with Silken Pearl #5 in Sweet Peas with an equal number of stitches on each side of the petal.  Next, Silken Pearl #5 in Pond Scum was used for the weaving.

Between the petals is Fly Stitch with a long "leg" that is couched in 2 places so it doesn't move, again using Sweet Peas with Colonial Knots in Berry Spritz at the top.

The green cotton leaves are outlined in Coral Stitch with Valdani Pearl Cotton, Size 8, color M26.

that was so easy let's do another one.........

Notice that I used 7 petals cut from varying shades of orange wool and 1 from a cotton dot.  I think it is fun to add something a little different (maybe because I'm a little different).

Bullion Stitches in Valdani Pearl Cotton Size 8, color M37, outline each petal. 

I cut a wool roving ball in half and appliqued it to the center and randomly stitched multi-colored seed beads in place.

Silken Pearl #5 in Soft Apricot Drizzle Stitches with 12-17 wraps surround the center. 

If you are interested in purchasing any of the threads you may call me at 801-706-4671.  Out of the USA just send me an email at

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  1. Kerry,

    I love your blocks! It is fun following your blog... you are so talented!!!!


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