Monday, April 1, 2013

Little Blocks

I have made 4 buckets.  The "first" which was my prototype that has a funky bottom and no outside pockets, a City Bucket and 2 Country Buckets.  The prototype is the one I carry around because the "good" ones are on display at stores.  Whenever I go to class an explanation is required that this isn't one of the "real" buckets.  So, I'm making a new one just for me and here's what I have so far:

The backgrounds are scraps of a few of my favorite cottons and linens, with several being pieced because I just had tiny pieces left.  Each block will finish 5" square to become the outside pockets of a bucket.  Two of the blocks follow City Bucket designs but I couldn't resist adding some new ideas. 
I love working on these little projects as there is such a sense of accomplishment when each one is quickly  finished plus they are easy to put in a little bag and travel.  If you haven't made a Country Bucket or City Bucket you can find the patterns and handle kit in my Etsy Shop.
This project is a perfect outlet for your creativity.  Whenever I teach the Bucket classes, students are tentative at first but come to the second class with amazing projects.  Go ahead, start your own and don't forget to share photos.


  1. Exquisite and delightful. Some day - some day I will cycle back to this kind of work. I've been wandering through knitting and felt and sewing soft toys and now genealogy. I envy you for being able to choose and become brilliant at what you do.


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