Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Soap Making Day

Sometimes you just have to take a break from stitching to take care of life's other necessities.  A few days ago my sister, Paula, and I spent the day together making 4 pounds (about 18 bars) each of Sweet Berry, Lavender, Mango Tango and Rosemary Mint soap.  When it is gone we will have another "Soap Day".  Our soap doesn't make you feel "itchy" and I even take a bar with me when I travel.

We use the hot process method of soap making which is about the only recipe that works for me in my crockpot.  Yes, it is a lot of measuring and time on your feet but well worth it.  Why you ask?  OK, I will give you more information about soap that you ever wanted, but here goes......

Check the label of your favorite commercially manufactured skin care soap.  Do you understand what any of those ingredients are?  Most likely, there isn't one natural oil that is actually good for your skin - but only chemically synthesized ingredients.  Not convinced?  Look at the ingredients in Dove soap.  If we labeled our soap you would understand the labels, all purely natural oils.

The environment and old age do enough to harm our skin so a few years ago we developed formulas for soap, lotions, and balms.  We don't sell our soap but Paula does have many other wonderful skin care products made by her own 2 hands at In Your Bonnet.

If you don't want to make your own soap, try checking out the local Farmer's Market for a vendor and read the label before you buy.

p.s.  Don't be afraid if you see Sodium Hydroxide (lye) on the label.  Sodium Hydroxide is necessary to harden the oils and when properly formulated, no lye remains in the soap.  Sorry, can't explain it better than that - I'm not a chemist.

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