Monday, May 6, 2013

Little Block 5 and 6

 The butterfly is appliqued onto linen in a floral print.  This is one of my favorite fabrics and there is just a little bit left.  Luckily I will be able to enjoy it on my new bucket. 

Butterscotch Sea Grass was used to Back Stitch slightly inside the orange wing and outline the gold spots on the bottom wing.  Here's a tip:  a laying tool helps to keep the Sea Grass from twisting but I don't really like to use a laying tool as it slows me down.  I iron my Sea Grass, with steam, and it lays flat.

Peacock Silken Pearl #5 Bullion Knots outline the yellow Batik upper wing and the striped bottom wing.  I also Back Stitched around the butterfly body with this thread.

Seafoam Green Silken Chenille Drizzle Stitches form attenae.

A metallic embroidery thread without a label was found deep inside my thread box and was used to Feather Stitch on top of the gold spots on the lower wing.  French Knots top the Feather Stitches.

Metal tags can be found in many scrapbooking stores and stitched onto your blocks.

Several years ago I purchased this beautiful ribbon and finally found the perfect use for it!  I simply appliqued it onto the background block of Japanese cotton.  I think it adds just the right bit of interest.

The applique pieces were all cut from hand-dyed, felted wool except the flower center which is cotton.  I used Valdani Size 8 Pearl Cotton V16 for Fly Stitches around the cotton center. 

Small beads were added with a yellow silk thread using the Coral Stitch.

The flower is outlined and filled with Bullion Knots using Autumn Honey Silken Pearl Size 5.

I thought this block was finished at this point but the more I looked it seemed like something was missing.  I added (not shown in photo) Bullion Knots in the center of each fly stitch with Autumn Honey Silken Pearl, Fly Stitch down the center of each leaf with Camoflage Silken Pearl.

I hope you are enjoying these blocks and are tempted to make your own bucket.  Remember, there isn't a bucket or basket inside!

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