Monday, June 24, 2013

Urban Owls BOM - more pieced blocks

Before you look too closely at the blocks please understand that to take the photos I had to stand on a kitchen chair and try to hold my cell phone very level and still before clicking the shutter.  Even though the blocks look crooked in the photo they are perfectly square.

According to the instructions, this block was the "easiest" followed by the block with the pink center and then the flying geese block.  I didn't notice that any one was easier or more difficult than the others. 

The blocks required me to pay close attention and work slowly and patiently.  I only had to unpick a few inches - which I was thankful for because foundation piecing requires a short stitch length so the paper is easier to remove.

I love the colors and even though it was a challenge for me, the blocks are perfect, which I don't get to state very often when I'm piecing. The next 3 blocks are also foundation pieced and even more complicated. 

I'm going to wait start any more blocks as next week will be busy with out-of-town visitors and the beginning of our 4th of July Celebrations.  For you  followers that don't live in the USA, the 4th of July is when we colonists celebrate our independence from England, over 200 years ago.  It is a big deal here in the States with picnics, parades and fireworks.  Our summer town has a year-round population of about 20 that swells to many thousands next week.  Last year we were all evacuated due to the threat of a nearby forest fire and the events were cancelled, much to our disappointment.  We are all excited about the festivities next week.

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  1. I was going to ask if they were paper pieced. They look like - what's her name, up in Sisters, Oregon. Jean Wells. And they are beautifully executed. They do have that fireworks flair, too! I wonder if they're going to allow fireworks this year. I got up at four to do my barn work this morning so I could be out of the sun after that scorcher yesterday -= 123 in St. George. Unbelievable. And they said that the sidewalk in Las Vegas could get up to 200 degrees - a little heat wouldn't hurt that place. I'll be amazed if we don't have massive brush fires this year because of the fireworks, especially since they loosened up the laws -


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