Saturday, July 13, 2013

Really? It's been 3 weeks?

Why does January go so slow and the summer months fly by?  Since my last post I learned that Mickey, my Springer Spaniel needs surgery to repair his knee (torn ACL) and he was taking an anti-inflammatory drug to reduce swelling prior to surgery.  My sweet little Border Collie, Juno, kept watching Mickey get those special "treats" and when my bags were packed to leave town, and my back was turned, she unzipped the bag and ate 14 pills.  Now, instead of leaving to meet friends from out of town, it was a frantic trip to the emergency room. 

Blood tests, IV's, medications, worry, and a big bill.  Good news, Mickey got more medicine, Juno is fine but still taking medicine, and we had a nice visit with our friends.

Speaking of medicine, I worked on 3 more blocks for my Urban Owls BOM.  I've decided that foundation piecing is just like medicine.  Medicine may taste bad but it cures disease.  Foundation piecing is difficult but the results are amazing.

Just 32 pinwheel blocks, 2 more foundation pieced blocks and 4 blocks that require cutting with a template, then I can sew it all together. 

In case you're wondering, yes, in between the flurry I did some hand stitching - it's my reward.

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  1. It's so hard when animals and little children get sick. Hard on the pocket, but much harder on the heart.

    That block. WOWOWOWOW!! What a great punch it has. I'm tempted to do that one myself.


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