Monday, August 12, 2013

Teaching at Peach Days Quilt Camp

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During the summer months many Utah towns have a celebration.  The city of Hurricane's annual celebration is Peach Days with a parade, fireworks, food, rodeo and more.  Now, you have to make certain that you pronounce Hurricane as we do here in Utah - it's Herrkin - don't ask me why, it just is.  Maybe because the next town over is Laverkin and we like to keep things simple - no need to add extra syllables when speaking.

Herrkin, aka Hurricane, is the home of Main Street Quilt Cottage with their own special celebration during Peach Days.  Quilt Camp includes classes, open sew and bingo.  I will be there on Friday, August 30th to teach Embellishment 101 and Berry Bloom and give a trunk show.

Our Embellishment 101 class will use the above sampler as a guide for learning a variety of embellishment stitches and fun fibers.  We will learn how using different threads can change the look of a basic stitch and even change the focal color of the applique piece.  We will also explore some easy beading techniques that add extra texture and fun to wool applique.

The Berry Bloom mini-purse is just the right size for keys, a credit card and phone.  The Berry Bloom is stitched on felted hand-dyed wool with wool/cotton applique and embellished with fun stitches, ribbon and ric-rac. I added a honey bee closure to mine that I took off a necklace.  OK, I will admit that I bought the necklace with no intention of wearing it - I just loved the bee.

 I can't wait to see everyone at class and Wendy promised I can join in on the Bingo.  Unfortunately, the Eating Contest conflicts with my class.

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