Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Class Projects

I get so wrapped up in teaching that taking a few pics is usually forgotten.  Carol sent pics of her work from class so I can show what we worked (played) on.

In the morning we learned stitches and how to use them to embellish wool applique.  I appliqued a leaf and flower on wool for each student prior to class.  You can see that Carol practiced her bullions, pistils, whipped back stitch, detached chain, fly and more.  She has also completed the embellishment on her Berry Bloom and did a fantastic job.

Carol broke her leg just a few days before class and did all this stitching with her leg propped up on a pillow.  At the beginning of class she told me she didn't know how long she could stay as the leg was quite painful.  Guess what?  She got so caught up in the enjoyment of stitching she was able to stay the entire day - even the trunk show that didn't begin until 7 p.m.

There's nothing like quiet stitching to take your mind off your troubles.

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