Sunday, September 15, 2013

Kits & Threads

I made kits for my recent Berry Bloom class and have 2 left over.  The kits have everything you need to make this little purse including the embellishment threads and pattern.  The only thing not included is the bee at the bottom and applique thread.  The kit is $45.00 and you can find it in my Etsy Shop.  This is hand-dyed felted wool, fully lined with a cute Kaffe print.

I prefer to use Aurifil Lana Wool thread for my wool applique because the texture of the thread matches the "wooliness" of the wool and hides better.  I like a good matching color so the applique stitches don't show and take attention away from my embellishment.  But, a good collection of colors can be expensive so last year I started offering kits of Aurifil wool thread in 32 colors wound on bobbins.

A few months ago my friend let me know she couldn't provide the bobbins any longer, so I went searching for another solution.  I was excited to learn that Aurifil also has the same wool thread on small spools of about 54 yards that I could offer in the same 32 colors.

I'm moving up again with 5 new colors to bring my collection to 36 vibrant, wonderful, wool colors perfect for applique.  No, that isn't a math error - even though 32 + 5 is 37, I deleted one so there are 36 colors in the collection.

If you already purchased the 32 color collection, you can buy the 5 new colors in my Etsy Shop for $20.00.  These new colors are really lovely and "fill in the gaps" of the previous collection.

Now, if you were waiting to buy threads, the full 36 color collection is also available on Etsy for $135.00 which is a discount from buying single spools.  Speaking of single spools, if you just need just one or two colors, I've got you covered there too - again on Etsy, for $4.00 each.

I have some new things in the works that I hope to share soon.  Until then, enjoy the cooler weather and have fun stitching.

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