Monday, September 2, 2013

Main Street Quilt Cottage - Peach Days Retreat

 Last week I taught 2 classes during Quilt Camp at Peach Days in Hurricane, Utah.  Hurricane is located in southern Utah, about 20 miles from Zion National Park, one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Even though I've lived in Utah my entire life and been to red-rock country many times, I'm always amazed at the beauty.  Definitely add this area to your list of places to visit - soon.

While you are visiting the Park, stop on your way at Main Street Quilt Cottage in Hurricane.  Lynette, Wendy and Shariah were gracious hosts for my classes and they have a fun shop with a great selection of fabrics, notions, and don't forget to look at the gorgeous Singer Featherweight machines.  They have quite the collection of Featherweights that have been newly painted in fun colors at great prices.

Before class started we each received a fun gift bag with beautiful stilettos hand-made by Lynette, a magnetic pin picker-upper and I was lucky enough to also get 2 bottles of home-made peach jam from Wendy's Aunt Peggy.

Our first class focused on learning a variety of embroidery stitches with Pearl Cotton from Valdani, Silken Pearl and Sea Grass from The Thread Gatherer.  There were about 18 students in class, some taking the class for the first time and it was fun to see a few from previous classes.  After 3 hours of stitching fun we took a break to visit the food and craft booths and quilt show.  I don't know how I did it but I garnered the strength to pass up the dutch oven peach cobbler with fresh peach ice cream.  I wish I would have been weak and bought a bowl - I can't quit thinking about it.

After lunch we worked on my Berry Bloom purse.  I hand-dyed wool for the kits which included everything needed to make the purse including the embelishment threads.  I'm often asked about the bee closure at the bottom of the bag.  I hate to admit it but I bought a necklace at Chico's, paying too much as I knew this was something I would never wear.  But I wanted that bee!  It looks perfect on the bag so it was worth it and now I have a collection of beads from the rest of the necklace.  Gloria found the same necklace on ebay - paid less than I did - so if you love it, give ebay a try.

I was having such a good time that I forgot to take pictures during class and I'm hoping someone will share theirs.  I think everyone enjoyed the day and was excited about the new techniques they learned.  For me, I'm hoping to get invited back next year!

p.s.  maybe I can get some of the peach cobbler next time

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