Monday, October 14, 2013

Crazy or Busy?

It's been about 3 weeks since my last post, but not because I was resting.  In fact, I've been too busy.  My husband and I went to Elk City, Oklahoma (a 900+ mile car trip each way) where he was enrolled in a wood carving class.  Wood carvers are like quilters - over the years you get to be good friends, so there were a lot of laughs and good times.  The class was held at the home of  Phil & Vickie Bishop, and carvers came from California, Illinois, Connecticut, Nebraska, and Texas.  We stayed in a local motel and each morning we would travel a few miles to their home where I would spend my time with two other wives, Mary and Pat.  Pat was working on a baby quilt, I stitched on my new project, and Mary was wood burning amazing little birds and gourds. We would clear up to serve lunch then hurry to get our projects out again until it was time for dinner.

Did I mention that our 2 dogs traveled with us?  And, Mickey, who recently had surgery to repair a torn ACL blew out the other ACL 1 week before the trip?  That's right, a total of 4 days in the car and 8 nights in a motel with dogs, one of which was a bit crippled.  Just a little bit of stress.  One night I started to brush my teeth and quickly realized from the taste that I was using the dog's toothbrush - gross.  Then, just a few days after returning home I picked up my friend for a movie and after she paid for the popcorn, I realized I took us to the wrong theatre. Instead of the chick flick we had planned, we watched Gravity.  Did I also forget to mention I ran the car into the garage door?

My husband said all of this is because I'm always doing too many things at once while talking at the same time to pay attention.  Maybe he's right but I'm thinking a rest would be good.  If you are looking for a rest too, there are some quilting retreats I want to tell you about where I will be teaching.

January 8-11, Page, Arizona is the Lake Powell Quilting Adventures.  Classes, trunk shows, vendors and a room for open sewing in a beautiful location.  Sounds like heaven.  To find out more click here

Can's make it in January?  How about the Small Town Quilt Show in a Big Town Way, June 26-18, 2014 in Midway, UT at the Zermatt Resort at the base of the Wasatch Mountains.  This promises to be a fantastic retreat with multiple national teachers, vendors, quilt competition and more.  To find out more about this retreat click here

I mentioned my latest project.  Here's a little sample - more later.

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