Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 2 of Christmas

During Quilt Market in Houston, my eyes were drawn to the beautiful threads in the Threadnuts booth.  Threadnuts is the wholesale distributor for Painters threads from Germany.

Painters threads have a very unique dying system for their hand-dyed threads and fibers where color is painted on giving each skein varying dots of sparkling colors.  Believe me when I say that the colors are so vibrant that the camera can't begin to show how beautiful they are and what a difficult time I had deciding which ones to offer first.  Each skein is a work of art named after a famous artist.

As you know, I love to embellish my wool applique and the Painter's Pearl Cotton size 8 is amazing to work with.  Since colors are applied in a random manner rather than a set repeat, the variegated colors result in beautiful embellishment stitches.

I have a limited quantity of the Painter's Pearl Cotton in my Etsy shop here

 I sometimes like to add a bit of metallic threads but so many of these embellishment threads are just too much shine for me.  I like the metallic to enhance, not overwhelm, my work.  Painters Threads also offer a fine metallic braid in amazing colors.  Any of your embroidery stitches can be worked in this fine thread for just a hint of sparkle or my favorite is to use it for adding beads with a Coral Stitch.

Find the Painters Metallic Braid in my Etsy shop here.

I have a limited quantity of the threads on hand but don't worry, if I sell out I can have a new supply within a week.  Do you have a friend that would love some threads for Christmas or can you sneak them into your own stocking?

As I mentioned yesterday, Etsy gives me limited options on charging postage.  If you want to add necklaces, threads and patterns to your order and fill up a flat rate envelope for just $5.00, give me a call at 801-706-4671 to order and we can save on the shipping charges.

Check back tomorrow for another perfect stitchers gift idea.

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