Wednesday, February 26, 2014

15 Days Of Color

I came home from the Winter Quilt Retreat a few weeks ago with a severe case of sensory overload. 

My friend, Carrie, and I were going to start Chris Jurd's "Basket Case" together a few weeks from now when we attend American Quilting's retreat.  This is a complicated quilt so it seemed like a good idea to make one block so I would know exactly what to pack.  Well, I had to confess to Carrie that once started I couldn't stop and now 8 of them are finished.  I'm going to share 1 block each day to give you plenty of time to enjoy each one and think about what colors and fabrics you would use.

Here is a pic of Chris' quilt and if you would like to purchase a pattern from her Etsy shop click Here and take a few minutes to enjoy her other amazing patterns.

All of the blocks are pieced on paper which is a good technique for people like me that can't get those perfect points any other way.  Everything I need is set up right next to the sewing machine which makes it much easier. Well, actually it means I don't have to get up!

Just in case you are wondering if I gave up wool applique, the answer is "No", applique is my evening enjoyment.  I'm happy to admit that I abandoned my (silly) rule of finishing a project before starting another.  I now have 7 quilts in process and it makes me smile.

Check back tomorrow for Block 2.

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