Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Back Home

Last week I was away at the Winter Quilt Retreat in Bryce Canyon.  It was great fun to see friends from last year and get an overdose of beautiful quilts.  My internal gauge hit the sensory overload mark on day one.  I taught an embellishment class and a Berry Bloom class.  True to form, I was so involved in stitching I forgot to take photos - again.

Just before leaving I finished this little bag which I used for all my "business" stuff, Square, pens, calculator, business cards, receipts and change.  This kit is smaller than the one I showed you before and it made up really quick.

This kit was a gift from a friend and was also purchased from Material Obsessions in Australia.  If you would like to buy your own kit or just take a closer look Click Here.  The kits come complete with the bag and felt for applique and covering the bag.  Kathy at Material Obsession told me that this is 100% wool felt that they import from Italy.  It is different from the felted wool I use most of the time which has a softer weave. Now, one is 100% felted wool and one is 100% wool felt - it is easy to get confused.  Just remember that the wool felt is stiffer and flatter and is perfect for this type of project.  Felted wool is a softer weave which means it is easier to stitch through and provides more dimension when layering.  Speaking of confusion..... this is much higher quality than the felt you find at a craft or hobby store.

I changed the pattern a bit from what was in the kit to highlight the bird and added the circles so it coordinates with my other bag.  I added a Back-Stitch around the bird and Fly Stitches on the tail and breast with Sea Grass, a little charm for the bird to carry in its beak and a hand-made bead for the eye.  There are Bullion Knots around the wing with Straight Stitches and French Knots around the circles.

When the applique was finished a simple whip stitch over the bag's edging completed it.  Other than the Sea Grass, all of the other stitches were Pearl Cotton size 8 in both Valdani and Painter's Threads.

Check back tomorrow to see my newest project 
"Crazy for Embellishment"

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