Friday, February 28, 2014

Block 3

This is my favorite block so far on Basket Case.  I love the curved shape of the center and the colors "worked" perfectly.  For each block I dig around in a big pile of scraps looking for just the right combination.  Unfortunately, the end result isn't always what I expected.

My blogging friend, Baukje, asked me if the paper piecing (sometimes called foundation piecing) is difficult. My answer is yes, no, sometimes.  This technique is just like any other - it depends on the block.  We all know that sewing squares together is easy and gets more complicated as you add in different shapes and sizes that all have to fit together.  I would never use paper piecing for a simple block but for any block with tiny shapes or these sharp points, paper piecing is my "go to" technique.

Don't get me wrong, it doesn't make a complicated block easy - just easier than traditional piecing.  Remember, I don't make a lot of pieced blocks so if I can do it so can you.  I will admit that I sometimes place the fabric wrong and have to unpick but I do that with whatever I'm sewing.  Copying the patterns onto Vellum paper makes it much easier.

I didn't get any blocks made yesterday as it was wool-dying day.  Some of you have asked for kits to make my Crazy For Embellishment stitching project.  I will have kits for the backgrounds in my Etsy shop later today.  The kits will include wool for the hexagons and the large teal background.  The silk raffia used to weave the bee skep in the center block will also be available.

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  1. Thanks for your answer , i think i must give it a try...


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