Friday, February 14, 2014

Crazy for Embellishment - Update

Thank you so much for your response to Crazy for Embellishment.  Sometimes I think I'm working in a vacuum and it's so nice to hear from you and learn that someone is reading my blog!

Your response has caught me a bit unprepared as I sold every one of my Crazy for Embellishment guides and templates last week at retreat.  I've ordered more templates and should have them next week so if you would like to order a guide from my Etsy shop click Here

Many of you have asked if I can provide a kit and the answer is "yes".  The kit will contain the hand-dyed wool for the blocks and the teal background.  I will also include the Silk to weave the bee skep as I know you won't be able to find it anywhere.  I'm waiting for my wool order and then I'll get it dyed, figure out a price and let you know.

I don't list the threads in my Etsy Shop as there are just too many but you can always call me at 801-706-4671 and I will take your order.  Of course, you can call me anytime (well, daytime) with any questions.

I just listed kits on Etsy for the Berry Bloom purse and Flora coin purse.  The kits are complete with pattern, fabric and threads.

Thanks again!  Kerry


  1. Beautiful. I am so sorry but i did not go to the quiltmarket in Paris tôtake a picture of your patterns. Maybe next year, i will go to the market in Nantes maybe she will be there.

  2. Hi Baukje, don't worry about the photos. I love looking at all your knitting project and I've started knitting a scarf. I'm so untalented at knitting - I do one row a day of 135 stitches and it takes me 15 minutes! I will share a pic on my blog when it is finished.


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