Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Crazy for Embellishment

 I am fortunate to receive invitations to teach at guilds, stores, private groups and retreats.  Whenever I speak to the workshop coordinator, we try to figure out what everyone would like to learn and most often the answer is "embellishment".

Several months ago I designed a project that includes wool and needle-turn applique, beautiful embroidery stitches, silk, cotton and metallic threads, beading, buttons and weaving.  I decided to use wool hexagons for my block backgrounds in a size easy to hold.  The blocks get stitched together on a large background and then each joining seam is covered with an embellishment stitch similar to crazy quilts.  Combine crazy quilts and embellishment and you get -

"Crazy for Embellishment"

The Guide to Stitches and Fibers includes large close-up color photos like those shown below plus a listing of the threads and stitches I used for each block.  Also included are patterns for the appliqued bee skep, flowers and leaves and directions for stitching the blocks together and finishing the project. The guide also includes a plastic template that makes it easy to rotary cut the hexie block backgrounds.

 The center block with weaving and stitches.

12 Leaves
6 Flowers

Now when I receive an invitation to teach embellishment, I have a sample of stitches along with a printed guide.  The finished project and guide are good resources when you just can't think of which stitch or thread to use on your projects.  This will be an all-day class with the focus on learning a variety of stitches in the first few hours and then each student will cut out a block and stitch up their own flower, leaf or bee skep in colors they choose. Better yet, plan a 2 day class where we can really enjoy the relaxing art of hand-stitching.

Of course, if you would like to use one of my patterns as a class project that is also an option.
If you have a group of friends, a quilt shop, guild or retreat that would like to plan a workshop please contact me by email at or phone 801-706-4671.


  1. Dear Kerry, You put two of my favorite things together. Hexagons and hand stitching. Love IT!!!

  2. Dear Kerry, if (like myself) you are unable to attend your classes, is there anyway of getting a copy of the Crazy for Embellishment stitching guide, I'd just LOVE to make it myself. Thanks! Katie x

    1. I have a "not so good" reason for not currently offering this on my Etsy site. I have run out of the plastic hexagon template that is included in the pattern.
      I have received several requests for this guide recently and promise to get the templates ordered when I'm back in town.
      Thanks for your interest.


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