Sunday, February 2, 2014

Leaving For Retreat

For the past few weeks I've been busy making kits and dying wool in preparation for the Winter Quilt Retreat at Ruby's Inn near Bryce Canyon National Park in southern Utah.  I will be traveling with my friend, Norma Whaley from Timeless Traditions Quilts and Leslie Ison.  Our plan was to take a leisurely drive tomorrow, stopping at quilt shops and favorite food places along the way.  But then....... Norma and I checked with each other to see how much stuff we were taking.  That's when we discovered the problem. We each have an SUV and even with driving 2 cars we are still concerned that there won't be enough room!  If you've ever gone to retreat with your friends I'm sure you understand.

Norma, Leslie and I are each teaching 2 classes with all the kits, patterns, more kits, more wool, threads, more patterns - well, you get the picture - plus our own sewing supplies for "quiet" time.

I will be available by phone and email during the week.  As soon as I get home I will be telling you about a new project.

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