Monday, March 10, 2014

Basket Case

Here it is the finished Basket Case - and at times it almost turned me into a basket case.  As you can see, the 3 blocks I didn't like are permanently missing reducing the finished size to about 52" x 62", just the right size for taking a nap or reading a book.

For many years I only made primitive style quilts with dark colors.  My house is stacked with those quilts and I love them.  When the bright colored fabrics with bold designs started appearing in stores they were a shock to my system and I resisted them.  Really, why change out of my comfort zone?  Then slowly, I became intrigued with the color and designs and have made several bright quilts and you can see the influence of bright in my applique work.

At my age it's probably a good thing to have something bright and exciting rather than subdued and calming.

Next week I will be going to the American Quilting Retreat where I'm teaching a small project and taking a sock monkey class.  I don't know why, but those sock monkeys crack me up.  There will be plenty of time for sewing and I plan to take a few projects that need to get finished.

(p.s.  the blobs you see in the border are actually beautiful trees)

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  1. Not to bad my dear, enjoy your trip and please show us the sock monkey...


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