Sunday, March 2, 2014

Block 5 and the end of Row 1

This photo makes the background appear much darker than it is.  But then, I'm not a professional photographer and don't understand all the ins and outs of lighting.  I'm just thrilled when it isn't blurry.

The background is another Akonye Kena cotton in an eggplant color with a lot of subtle shading that really shows off the bright colors in the basket.

Baujke is watching my blog and you can see her comment on Block 4.  She asks, "When you see all those fabric you get the impression that you have a huge pile of fabric but if i remember well you don't have a huge stash. But did you buy fabric especially for this project?

Well Baujke, you're right in that I don't have a big stash.  Three years ago I bought an assortment of 1/4 yard cuts of Kaffe and similar colors for my bright version of Acorn's Promise. Of course, there was a lot left over so I am working on a hexagon quilt that I will show "someday" when I get the borders finished.  Surely, I thought, this will finish up those scraps.  But no! The hexagons barely made a dent and then I added a few leftovers from the Urban Owls kit last year.  And now, I can't see that using the scraps again has made much of an impact on this little stash. 

I think 3 quilts from one pile of fabric is enough.  I don't want every quilt I make to look the same.  Besides that, most of the fabrics have holes in the middle from fuzzy cutting or missing corners.  I plan to go through the pile and keep my favorites and give the rest away.

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new week 
and a new row.
Have a great day.

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