Monday, March 31, 2014

The Joy Of Being A Busy Quilter

I used to have a rule - start a project and work on it until finished, then start another one.  When I was struggling to finish a project I would buy fabric for the next and set it on the cutting table to encourage me.  No Cheating........ you have to finish one before you can start another.  This worked for many years and then I thought,
"What a stupid rule!".

That was a few months ago and now I'm happily juggling between 8 projects.  Oops, I forgot one, 9 projects, oh, forgot another one, 10 projects!  Have I totally lost my mind?  My husband, who worked in Psychiatry, said he is qualified to declare that I'm crazy..... but, I'm happy and excited too.

These are a few of my Dear Jane blocks that I worked on this past weekend.  Civil War fabrics are not my "thing" and piecing is definitely not my "thing", but I do love a beautiful quilt and apparently I also love a challenge.  I have 3 rows, or 39 blocks finished so there are "only" 186 blocks left to do.  I don't have a single piece of Civil War fabric but my friends, Teri and Norma are donating.  This is a lot of fabric so I will have to do something nice for them.


This is the original quilt make by Jane Stickle in 1863.  The Dear Jane patterns are just drawings with no instructions.  As I try to figure out each block I combine some of Jane's pieces to make it easier and applique some of the tiny ones.  I have some blocks that are entirely pieced by hand and some by machine.  As I struggle with trying to make the blocks square and the right size I think about Jane with no sewing machine, rotary cutter, steam iron, copier and a huge selection of fabric.  Do you think she had an un-picker?  I'm getting a lot of use out of mine.

I made 12 blocks and then put them away to relax my brain with some embroidery on my latest applique project.  I'm off to design some blocks and then to stitch - all with a (crazy) smile on my face.

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