Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Another "Almost" Finish

I'm making a sincere effort to finish up some projects....... so I can start some more.  This cute welcome sign is another pattern from Timeless Traditions Quilts, my friend Norma Whaley.  Warm Welcome finishes to about 10"x24" and will have a cotton border added when I find the right frame.  I'm hoping to find the frame and stuffing for the bunny pillow on the same shopping trip.

I couldn't resist adding just a bit of embellishment on this flower - Bullions with Silken Pearl #5 and a Back Stitch with Sea Grass.  (no, it's not your eyes, this photo is a bit blurry, must have jiggled a bit)

Do you have trouble finding a purse that is just the right size with pockets where you want them?  I have solved this problem by making my own purses and while they may not be what the Kardashians are carrying, they work for me.  This afternoon I cut out pieces for a new purse.  See, finish one, start one.

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