Monday, April 14, 2014

One Project Finished ....... almost

After many hours of stitching fun, one project is almost finished.  "Taking Time To Smell The Flowers" is meant to be a pillow and it's finished except for the stuffing.  This is a design by my friend, Norma Whaley, of Timeless Traditions Quilts, wool applique on a wool background.

Below is Norma's pillow, and you can see I took a few tiny liberties with her design.  Norma doesn't mind as she recently finished my design, Ask-Believe-Receive and made her own changes.  I love Norma's design but just wanted to make it mine with a few "tweaks".
Taking Time To Smell The Flowers pillow by Norma Whaley

At the end of the day I enjoy sitting down and making beautiful embellishment stitches.  Here's what I did:

  • I made the bunny's ears a bit longer and added some pink inside.
  • The shape of the eye is added with a  Back Stitch using Old Lace Sheep's Silk, a dark brown wool circle with blue wool circle on top and a Straight Stitch highlight with the Sheep's Silk,
  • Painter's Threads Ribbon Floss, slightly rouched, was appliqued in place for a neck scarf.  
  • The entire rabbit was outlined with Back Stitch using the Sheep's Silk.

  • I made the berries larger and branches to the main stem are Palestrina Stitch in Silken Pearl #5, Acorn Woods.
  • Back Stitch along the main stem with Evergreens Silken Pearl #5
  • Fly Stitch along small leaves in Camoflage Silken Pearl #5
  • Large Leaves are outlined with Back Stitch.  A Back Stitch "vein" is added down the length of the leaf with Pistil Stitches added in varying lengths using Painters Thread Pearl Cotton #8, Van Gogh.
  • I changed the flower to be a single shape rather than individual petals.  The flower is outlined with a Back Stitch in Autumn Honey, Silken Pearl #5.  Woven Picots were added at the bottom of each flower using the same thread.  I moved the Picots out of the way to add Pistil Stitches in varying lengths were stitched with Granite Silken Pearl #5.  To finish, I placed a single stitch at the end of each picot to hold them in place.
  • I changed the shape of the tulip and added an outline of Bullion Knots using Hollyhocks & Hummingbirds Silken Pearl #5.
  • The center petal is created with Hollyhocks & Hummingbirds in a Chain Stitch.  I began at the point of the petal and worked from the outside in to the center.
  • Bullion Knots in Chartreause Silken Pearl #5 connect the berries to the tulip.
  • Turkey Work using Mushroom Sheep's Silk gives this bunny a fluffy tail.
  • I made the grassy area larger and using Straight Stitches in Painter's Thread Pearl Cotton #8, Monet, added some grass.
  • Along the top of the grass there are large Lazy Daisy Stitches in Monet, with Hollyhocks & Hummingbirds Straight Stitches inside.
Now, just a bit of stuffing and a label and this project should be done about 1 day before Easter...... or 11 months before decorating for next Easter! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing the embellishments. You inspire me!


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