Thursday, April 17, 2014

Stitching In A Wood Shop

Yesterday friends from the Midway Heritage Quilt Guild joined me for an embellishment class at my home.  We have weekly classes here for wood carvers but a stitching class was new for us.  How do you turn a wood carving shop into a place for stitchers?

 First, cover the work bench with a table cloth, add a pretty flower, and you have a buffet table for lunch.

 Lay out hand-dyed wool on a work table next to a tool box.

 Cover a marked-up table with a quilt to display colorful threads.

 Share ideas with a finished project...
 and chocolate
 Stitching sampler.....
with more chocolate

 Add friends

Result - A wonderful stitching day.

My husband was a perfect helper, setting up the room, serving and taking away lunch, making coffee, and he even scrubbed the floor.  It was fun to have a class at home and I appreciated that Dale was willing to give up a day of carving for us.  I hope to have another class soon.


  1. Thanks for a wonderful time! It WAS a perfect day! You and your husband are such great hosts! And you, what a great teacher and inspiration! Thanks, again!!!


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