Monday, July 28, 2014

A Project Finished

Don't worry, I didn't give up on Enchantment.  Leaves and berries are being cut and appliqued and I will have an update tomorrow.  

Just before leaving town my quilter, Cindy Paulson, called to let me know my Basket Case was ready to pick up.  A few months ago this quilt was giving me fits so it was a real sense of accomplishment when I took the last stitch on the binding. 

The quilt is brighter than it appears in the photo and I can't wait to use it as my winter nap quilt.  There will be pleasant "colorful" dreams.  We didn't have good lighting but my husband held the quilt high and Juno insisted on being included. 

The last few weeks have been spent at our cabin where I just have the basics for sewing. No quick trips to the quilt shop as the nearest is about an hour away.  My part of the "play room" consists of a cutting table and ironing board which is shared with a carving table and computer desk.  Any machine sewing is done at the kitchen table with my Featherweight and pinning takes place on the kitchen island.  

We've all heard that necessity is the mother of invention.  Enchantment needs to be pinned up so I can stand back to view the project in order to select colors and fabric.  Since there isn't a design wall I pin it to the edge of the clothes hanging in the closet.  Not as good as my design wall but it works!  OK, I'm off to cut applique pieces to show you tomorrow.  Have a good day stitching.

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