Sunday, September 7, 2014

Carving in Wood

About 20 years ago my husband took his first wood carving class.  He was instantly hooked on it and has taken many classes to improve his abilities.  He has become a talented teacher and offers weekly classes here at home in addition to offering classes for various groups.

In July he came up with an idea for the slogan, "Don't Drink & Drive", only in his world the drivers are 2 railroad men driving spikes into a new rail line.  I watched for many hours as he first sculpted each caricature in clay and then carefully made a pattern to begin carving from wood.

As you can see, the poor guy on his hands and knees has a bandage on his head and thumb due to his friend's poor aim.  The entire scene is carved from wood including the rails and all the little rocks.  When completed, he entered it in the Caricature Carvers of America's national competition and won Best of Show.

The trophy includes a hand-carved caricature holding a giant-sized blue ribbon.  I am so excited for him and just wanted to share that not only is he a great quilt holder, wool dying helper, pattern folder and all-around  good guy, he is a talented artist as well!


  1. That is too great! Congratulations to your dear husband on his wit, whimsy, designing and carving skills, along with official quilt holder status.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. His work is terrific and the win well deserved!

  3. I finally made time to sit and enjoy your blog. Tell your husband, "Congratulations!" He is sure talented! Thanks for sharing!


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