Friday, September 5, 2014

First Bird Finished




The Enchantment project is about 50" wide x 60" long which makes it a bit of a challenge to hold a piece this large while embellishing.  Since the edges are sometimes wadded up in my hand as I work, I decided to begin embellishing in the center and work out towards the edges.  

Here is my first bird and I'm quite pleased with it.  I began by stitching 2 Bullion Knot legs and a Woven Picot beak with Painter's pearl cotton #8, color Van Gogh.

The neck ring is 3 Bullion Stitches in Silken Pearl #5, Phoenix Rising.  I overwrapped the bullions giving them a bit of a curve and held them in place with Pistil Stitches in Painter's pearl cotton #8, color Grandma Moses.

Using these 2 colors again, Fly Stitches travel down his breast with a Lazy Daisy (detached chain) in the center.  On the small fly stitches I added a French Knot instead of the Lazy Daisy.  

The bird's body is outlined in Back Stitch using Sea Grass, color In The Reds.  The wing is a cotton batik which I left without embellishment, leaving a place for machine quilting.  

Some quilters are afraid to quilt on top of the applique but I think the quilting really finishes off the design in both wool and cotton.  The layers of wool will "puff up" once the background is quilted but quilting on the applique will reduce the puffiness while leaving the texture and dimension.  I've been told by some quilty friends that their machine quilter says the piece must be quilted before you embellish.  To this I say, "find a new quilter".

Next, I added Fly Stitch using Painter's Ribbon Floss Shimmer, color Kandinsky.  I typically thread my needle with a 1 yard cut of thread (yes, I know that breaks the rules) but only used 18" at a time as this thread seemed a bit fragile.

The tail feathers were then outlined in Back Stitch with In The Reds Sea Grass.

Three Drizzle Stitches in varying lengths adorn his head using Painter's Pearl Cotton #3, color Grandma Moses.

The eye is 1 gold seed bead surrounded by 5 black seed beads stitched in place with regular cotton thread.  I secured each bead individually with 2 stitches.

We are still up in the mountains and today it is overcast with rain showers.  My husband just started a fire in our stove so I think it is a perfect time to start on some leaves.

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