Friday, September 19, 2014

Quickie Haxie

I told a little unintentional fib in yesterday's post.  This hexie block took 1 hour and 15 minutes.

There are many opinions about how to make these blocks so here is my way:

The Honey Flow quilt is made using 1 1/2" hexie papers.  This means that one side of the hexie is 1 1/2".  If your local quilt store doesn't have them you can order from Paper Pieces.  You will need 413 papers for The Honey Flow so order the 600 piece package. 

  • Cut 7 fabric squares 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" for each block
  • Just a small swipe of a glue stick in the center of each paper will keep the fabric in place.  I like the Bohin temporary glue stick available at quilt stores and even some WalMart stores.  This product holds the paper and fabric together until it's time to remove the papers and doesn't leave any residue.

  • Fold the fabric snugly across 1 side of the hexie paper and then fold the next side.
  • With regular sewing thread take 2 small stitches, one over the other near the corner.
  • No need to sew through the paper.  Just catch all layers of the fabric. You're going to love this when all the hexies are sewn together - no unpicking.
  • Continue folding and sewing at each point of the hexie. Repeat for all 7 hexies.
  •  Place the center hexie and 1 outside hexie right sides together, matching the corner points.
  •  With the same sewing thread that you used to baste the corners, sew the edge while you  hold the 2 pieces tightly together with a knot at beginning and ending of the seam.  You will be stitching a very small whip stitch over the edges. By pinching the pieces together you will be able to catch the edge of the fabric.  Don't sew through the papers.  
  • I used a neutral thread for all my hexie blocks.
  • Take small stitches close together.
  • Here are the center and first outside piece sewn together.  
  • Repeat with each outside hexie, sewing only to the center piece.
  • Above you see the last outside hexie ready to be sewn to the center.
  • When all the pieces are attached to the center, pinch the outside hexies together and stitch using the same method.
  • Press from the wrong side to get the seams flat.  I will have The Honey Flow machine quilted so I'm not worried about extra bulk on the back and the extra fabric doesn't bother me.  But, if you are fussy, feel free to trim it.
  • I used a bit of spray starch on the right side and pressed again.
  • Don't remove the basting stitches, they stay forever.
  • Don't remove the papers until after all the blocks are sewn to each other.
Go ahead, get started on these blocks and I promise to get the pattern written up soon.

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