Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Honey Flow

If you've been wondering why there haven't been any progress photos of Enchantment, it's because I took a little break to finish another project which I named "The Honey Flow".  For beekeepers "the honey flow" is that perfect time in spring when everything comes into bloom, bursting with nectar and pollen for the bees to gather. I apologize for this photo, it was taken with my phone just before rushing out the door to have it quilted.  It is much prettier in person.

I've never felt that yearning that some profess to make a quilt completely by hand.  When I cut the final thread I realized that is exactly what I did as each Grandmother's Flower Garden block and all the applique were stitched by hand.

I have a box of scraps and when everyone was making hexie quilts a few years ago I had to jump on that band wagon, thinking it would use up all the scraps.  Guess what?  I still have that box full and just sent it to my friend Alisa's house to stay for a few weeks so she can use them. It's OK to share, they never go away.

Anyway.......back to hexies.  The Honey Flow is made using 1 1/2" hexie papers which is the measurement of one side of the hexie.  Each block is almost 8" across.  When all the hexie flowers were sewn together it demanded to be joined by an applique border with birds, bees, flowers, butterflies and bunnies.

We will be traveling to Oklahoma for a wood carving class but when we return I will get working on writing up The Honey Flow pattern. Just think how much fun it would be to have The Honey Flow ready by spring when all the flowers are in bloom and the bees are buzzing.  No need to wait for the pattern to start your hexie blocks, just get out some scraps and get going.

Check back tomorrow for a tutorial on making a hexie block in just over an hour.


  1. FABULOUS! I absolutely LOVE this! Your colors are amazing! You are so talented! XOXO

    1. Thanks Bev, Honey Flow is being quilted right now and I hope to have a pattern ready soon.

  2. I love your honey flow, such lovely colors.

    1. Thanks Baukje, I love the bright colors and this was a fun way to use my scraps.


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